Logo for DJ Babyfather, 2015

MFA Thesis 2014 Postcard

MFA Thesis Postcard for the CADVC Gallery, 2014

black metal ikea shirts

arne jacobsen, marimekko, eero saarinen, 2013

cutmayor album art

cutmayor album ‘help yourself’ art, 2013

a la carte

album cover for Disturbed Individuals, 2013

invasive species

digital print series of invasive species created by national borders within each continent: africa’s western honey bee, europe’s common starling, australia’s light brown apple moth, asia’s silver carp, north america’s pine wood nematode, and south ...


reunification of germany color studies, 2012

coping mechanisms

redesign of the glossary of specific defense mechanisms and coping style from the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders iv, 2011

batman comics poster

poster accompanying an installation in the Albin O. Kuhn Library and Gallery at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2011

self portrait as a rockstar

submission for show self portrait as a rockstar, 2011

my family tree is losing all it’s leaves

recreation of family crest, 2009

skyboxxx logo

dj skyboxxx logo, 2009

lawrence university promotional posters

promotional materials made for university events, 2007-2009

the serial killers coloring book

coloring book of serial killers, 2009

serial killer posters

series of four posters accompanying ‘the serial killers coloring book’ senior art exhibition: female serial killers, partners in crime, facts and figures, the macdonald triad, 2009

freshman studies shirt

shirt design for lawrence university’s freshmen studies, 2009

senior art promotion

design for senior art exhibition promotion, 2009

senior recital poster

publicity for jesse pieper senior recital, 2009

parsons new school designs

graphic design intensive studies course: class t-shirt design, futura typeface poster, typography design with initials, 2007