A mandelorian aims a laser, their blonde hair flowing out of their helmet. It’s Baby Fette
A man in a gimp suit hold a leash, attached to a dog in a gimp suit
A jacked rat looks directly at you, daring you to do something
Venn Diagram with Scar from The Lion King and The Boy Scouts. They have Be Prepared in common
Red hat reading Better Dead Than Red
Big Foot looks at his feet and says “they’re actually not that big”
A sheep with red wool angrily says “Candid is a Rube”
Carmen Electra Complex, she looks into the camera and says I want to have sex with your dad
A fish tank is divided into sections, they are carp-mentalized
Horny Like The Wolf
How to Lose Friends Under the Influence: You Wrote The Book
A large sweater anxiously says I’m a big sweater while dripping sweat
A protest sign reads I Know You Don’t Believe Me
I like watching scary movies a person says, their eyes covered by their hands
A bed labelled I’m a size queen
A motivational poster reads: I want to be baby
a crocodile in a theraposts chair syas It’s not that I don’t care. It’s that I wish I didn’t.
Me as a falcon rests on a hand labelled “My Bullshit”
Lions are visibly injured, it’s the pride that’s wounded
Prawn Stars
A toilet signed by R Butt 2019
The Romanov family tree, every row is dead
Two crocodiles walk down the street, one says Physically she’s my mom, emotionally she’s a child
A tombstone reads Should’ve Made More Bad Puns
A horse holds a sign The end is Neigh